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The CTW2019 Conference is May 10-11 at NYIT AOB
May 8 - 19, 2019

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Creative Tech Week
May 8-19, 2019 / New York CityNow in year four, Creative Tech Week is an international festival bringing together the interdisciplinary developers, designers, executives, artists and academics in the creative technology field from across a diversity of industries and institutions. We provide a platform for thousands of experts to gather, learn, recruit, discover, and showcase their most advanced work. Early Bird tickets are now on sale!The CTW2019 Conference at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, held May 10-11, is the highlight of our 11-day festival. This year, join us to explore AI and Creativity as we welcome industry experts to our stage to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the future of creativity. We also celebrate events going on in the creative tech ecosystem of the city. Some featured satellite events include Live Arts' presentation of discrete figures 2019 at the Live Ideas Festival, a performance on a stage designed for interactivity between performers, drones, and Artificial Intelligence and Emoti-con, a conference for teens to express themselves through digital media and technology.

Here are some of this year's Experts:

Looking to meet great creative technologists? We can help.
An 11-day showcase of cutting-edge creative technology with appearances by hundreds of leading experts.
Whether you're an expert, intermediate or emerging talent in your profession, you'll create your own program from among hundreds of events, in dozen of venues across New York City.
VR Parties. Corporate Events. Workshops. Performances. Academic Symposiums. Art Shows.
For more information, view our Annual Reports.
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