It’s still too early to buy tickets for Creative Tech Week 2018, which takes place May 3-12. Tickets will go on sale March 1 and will range from $0 – $500 with discounts for independents and students. We are still crowdsourcing applications for events and setting up our core conference, party and show.
Creative Tech Week is a gathering of professionals who work in and adjacent to the field of Creative Technology. Many of our events also appeal to people who aren’t in the industry, like our performances and art exhibitions. We explore commercial, experimental, artistic, and research-based uses of emerging technology in creative fields like media and entertainment, publishing, advertising, the arts, music, fashion, design and education.

Much of the work we promote can be called early, avant-garde, underground, or emerging. Our VR showcases, parties and networking events are great for people who make, market and find employment in the industry.

Our schedule for the 10 day period tends to be packed with events from multiple providers. Each one may be geared for a slightly different audience or interest.

Our workshops may be tilted toward beginners or intermediate practitioners. Our panels and conferences are generally geared toward people who make creative technology, as opposed to people who use it.
We have events that skew corporate, events for students, events for artists and curators and collectors.. You’ll be happiest if you read the program descriptions with an eye toward what you’re most interested in, as not every event will match every attendee.
If you’re a part of the Creative Technology community, our festival is an absolute must-attend to see the latest work and meet people to hire and to be hired.