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VR/AR/Mixed Reality Party

May 9, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Join us for Creative Tech Week’s VR Party in Tribeca! Experience different immersive worlds in virtual reality and augmented reality while networking with a gender-balanced mix of other creative technologists, developers, artists, and other professionals. Wondering what today’s creatives are making in XR? This party is for you. Note: We recommend you buy tickets in advance. Price jumps the day of the event. This event WILL sell out.

The party features a full spread of delicious appetizers complemented by wine and beer.

In adjacent rooms check out the Creative Tech Week Arts Hub featuring artwork exploring the this year’s theme, Code Dependent. And in the Engine Bay, we’ll have live musical and theatrical performances all night long.

Buy tickets for the 5-7 session, the 7-9:30 session, or both!

AR/VR experiences for both sessions include:

Museum of Symmetry by Paloma Dawkins

The Museum of Symmetry is a beautiful, whimsical immersion into a colorful animated fantasia. It is also the first VR game to be made almost entirely out of 2D animation. Almost every creative lead on the project is female from the poet to the musician. The game is 20 minutes long (you’ll try it for a few minutes) and requires an HTC Vive to play. The writer once described it as “swimming through poetic rainbow juice”. MoS is a treat for the senses! (Please note: VR night is 21+ and no children will be allowed into the venue).

DCT: Siphoning by Rosa Menkman

Trip into a mindblowing virtual world of VR glitch art. Inspired by ‘Flatland’, Menkman tells the story of a father who introduces his son to different levels of compression; they move from dither, to lines, to macroblocks (the realm in which they normally resonate) to the ‘future’ realms of wavelets and vectors.

Digital Twilight by Mark Skwarek, Woo Jae Park, and Siyuan Qui

What is real, in a future where hope is all but lost? DIgital Twilight is a jarring, disorienting Augmented Reality movie that wil make you rethink reality. Take a look at the effects of long-term exposure to a world that’s been covered over by holograms. What happens when you can no longer tell the difference between the virtual and reality?

The Lena Gorelick Art Gallery by Sachar Weis

Explore a virtual gallery of real-world art. The developer Vice used his wife Lena Gorelick’s physical artwork as the basis for a VR Art Gallery showcasing her sketches, drawings, interactive sculptures and jewelry. Explore Lena’s creative output in gorgeous detail using roomscale Virtual Reality powered by the HTC Vive Pro headset.

Daft Punk AR by Amanda Lee

This lighthearted app is an Augmented Reality unauthorized music video for the track Technologic by Daft Punk. Make the robotic dancers move to the beat wherever you may travel! You’ll find yourself tapping your feet as you populate our real-world party with friendly dancing robots.


Save the elephant before the poachers kill him and cut off his ivory tusks. Get him to the rescue center. Post your leaderboard score and save elephants from extinction with our social platform. Endanger! is the first 3D VR/mobile/PC game to virtually and socially find & save endangered species and their habitats. Experience Elephant habitat loss and poachers traps from the animal’s point of view, immersing in the savannas of Africa. (Please note: VR night is 21+ and no children will be allowed into the venue).

Virtual Burly by Becky Lane

Virtual Burly – Your own private show! A 3-D, 360-degree recreation of historical burlesque styles from 1900-1970. Designed to be experienced through a VR headset such as Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive. This experience takes viewers on an entertaining and seductive journey through the evolution of burlesque, explores burlesque history and its impact on women’s sexual empowerment. Showcasing the artistry of burlesque dance troupe Whiskey Tango Sideshow, Virtual Burly is a combination of dance performances, archival and contemporary photos, films, and interviews brought together to explore themes in women’s experience in this art form. Creator Becky Lane will be showcasing this experience, as several members of the dance troupe, Whiskey Tango Sideshow will also be there to talk about the project. (Note: Mild graphic content)

5pm performances by:

Paul Geluso

Paul Geluso has been credited as mix engineer, mastering engineer, producer, and master acoustician on hundreds of music, film and art projects. As composer and sound designer, his work has been exhibited internationally receiving support from the New York State Council for the Arts and Meet The Composer.

Jam No Peanut

Jam No Peanut (Jamel Mims) is a rapper, interactive media artist, and revolutionary bringing trap music and technology to the fight against mass incarceration and state terror. A Fulbright Scholar who is fluent in mandarin, Jam No Peanut’s internationalist politics resonate in his sound, as he switches between english and chinese in politically charged verses – over trap, baile funk, and global bass inspired rhythms from subcultures around the world. Live performance features live demos of interactive technology, music video screenings, theatrical costumes and dancers. Known as the ‘Ratchet Revolutionary’, his work in music, technology, education and activism has been featured in the New York Times, The Nation, VICE, XXL, Economist and more.

7pm Performances by:

Quadraphonic Algorave with Livecode.NYC and Jason Levine

Jason Levine

Come be immersed in generative dance rhythms in surround sound. This performance will showcase the latest work from members of artist collective Livecode.NYC featuring the next level sounds from Melody Loveless, Raven Edwards and  Scorpion Mouse (vocalist May Cheung, and livecoder Jason Levine). Scorpion Mouse will be presenting the results of Jason’s recent MIT Residency, an audiovisual system for interacting with machine learning representations of sound.

The Arts Hub in the gallery (free entry on the corner of Lafayette and White) features works by:

Amir Baradaran

Amir Baradaran is a New York based Iranian-Canadian ARtificial artist. As the Creative Research Associate at Columbia University, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, Baradaran’s praxis focuses on the {AR}ticulation of visual vocabularies that use Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies around notions of interactivity, storytelling, po{AI}try, data-mining, failed utopias, infiltration, identity, body, and the ephemeral. Baradaran is a TEDx speaker, a member of Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab, and the recipient of the Knight Foundation Art Award, Canada Council for the Arts New-Chapter/150th Anniversary Prize, International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality prize, UC Berkeley Artist Residency (from Center for Critical Theory, New Media, Race and Gender Studies) and Morgan Stanley Pulse Art Fair grant. Reviews include Oxford University Press, Art in America, New York Observer, ARTNET, National Public Radio, BBC, Forbes, Euro-News, and L’Actualité. ARTINFO described his public-art, Transient (installed in 6,300 NYC taxicabs, 1.5M viewers), as “one of the most interesting urban interventions.” He is currently working on a large-scale interactive storytelling public ARt installation in Florida & Canada.

Carla Gannis

Carla Gannis is a New York-based artist fascinated by digital semiotics and the situation of identity in the blurring contexts of physical and virtual. She received an MFA in painting from Boston University, and is faculty and the assistant chairperson of The Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. Gannis eclectically explores the domains of “Internet Gothic,” cutting and pasting from the threads of networked communication, googleable art history, and speculative fiction to produce dark and often humorous explorations of the human condition. Gannis’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and screenings, nationally and internationally. Recent commissions and solo exhibitions include “Sunrise/Sunset” Whitney Museum of Art, NY; “Until the End of the World,” DAM Gallery, Berlin; “A Subject Self-Defined,” TRANSFER Gallery, Brooklyn; and “The Garden of Emoji Delights,” Hudson River Museum, Yonkers. Gannis’s work has been featured in press and publications including, ARTnews, The Creators Project, Wired, FastCo, Hyperallergic, Art F City, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The LA Times, amongst others.

Eric Corriel

Eric Corriel is a public installation artist living in New York City. After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, he went on to earn a Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques from the École Régionale Supérieure d’Expression Plastique in Tourcoing, France. Currently living in Brooklyn, Eric takes the urban landscape as a medium in which to create site-specific video installations. He is faculty in both the BFA Design department and BFA Visual & Critical Studies department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he is also Lead Web Designer and Developer. For his artwork, Eric has been awarded by the New York Foundation of the Arts, New York State Council for the Arts, and the Public Art Network. As a designer he has received awards from the Webbys, Davey Awards, and W3.

Erin Ko

Erin Ko is a visual artist from the United States. She combines traditional art making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. She is classically trained and has worked in video games and new media. She is the co-founder of Hutong Games. Imperialism, consumerism, industrialization drive her crazy. Currently based in New York, e.Ko spends most of her time making art and randomly tripping around the world. Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. Voyeurs are invited to engage via their smartphones or more traditionally (with their eyes); their experience altered by the amount of technology they’ve invited into their lives.

Hyojin Yoo

Hyojin Yoo is an interdisciplinary artist/designer working in the intersection of art, design and technology. She investigates the liminal space between the visible world and those that usually remain hidden by creating playful objects and interactive experiences to expand a sense of reality.


Led in curation and project development by Margaret Schedel and Melissa F. Clarke, arts.codes has a strong interest in community building and distributing artistic ideas and creations in today’s fluid media environment. Clarke and Schedel both have backgrounds in artist run spaces, curation and interdisciplinary art practices. Schedel was one of the founders of Devotion Gallery a Williamsburg/Bushwick space focused on the intersection of art, science, new media, and design and is the director of Stony Brook University’s Consortium for Digital Arts Culture and Technology and the co-director of Computer Music. Clarke was a member of Stream and Reverse Galleries where she was the lead curator of systematic sampling while aiding and overseeing many other exhibitions and events and At Stony Brook University Clarke teaches web art, installation, interactive art, performance, computational art and hybrid printing.

Lee Day

At 11, I picked up an old Nikon-F and got hooked on seeing thru the viewfinder. Decades later the tech may be new, but the urge to document, to fix impressions of fleeting moments and to bind them, remains undiminished. What has evolved is my understanding of the frame, a feature so central to how images are organized it’s almost invisible. My various projects these past few years look to stretch this container. In TrainPans the “Decisive Moment” isn’t fractions of seconds but stretches towards minutes, and the camera may move miles in the “instant” of a particular image.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Ph.D., is an award winning researcher, artist, and writer. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Lehman College / CUNY in the Bronx. He received his Ph.D. in the Disruptive Design Team of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department of Trinity College Dublin. His work focuses on the theme of “Deconstructing Networks” and includes over 100 creative projects that critically challenge and subvert accepted perceptions of network interaction and experience. His artwork has been exhibited and showcased at venues such as SFMOMA, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Art, MOMA, ICA London, Whitney Museum of American Art, Palais du Tokyo, Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, and more. His project, “Bumplist”, is included in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. His writing has appeared in publications such as WIRED, Make, Gizmodo, Neural and more. His hardware hacking Scrapyard Challenge workshops have been held in over 15 countries in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and Australia since 2003.

Santiago Messier

Santiago Messier is a Computer Artist and Content Creator raised and born in Bogota, Colombia and now based in New York City. His work is focused in audiovisual creation and the relationship between real-time moving image and sound through the use of technology. Consistently working with analog and digital media, he has demonstrated skills in audiovisual content creation, traditional and digital animation, live capture, image processing and projection mapping techniques. He also has a strong interest in research and arts education. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts. As an audiovisual performer and video-jockey Santiago has toured in the US and Latin America and has held residencies at world-class dance music venues performing visuals for DJ’s, Live Acts and Performers. He has designed and created content commercially for advertising agencies, broadcasting companies and touring acts.


May 9, 2018
5:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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