Adrienne Matt

Digital Content Strategist at Intrepid Content

New York, NY

@intrepidcontent @intrepidcontent

Adrienne Matt solves business problems with content. She codifies systems, creates guidelines and manages business rules for content and digital experiences.

For close to two decades, Ms. Matt has played the role of a content strategist for some of the top digital advertising agencies in North America and Europe, including Ogilvy, Wunderman, Digitas, Sapient, Mirium, Rufus Leonard, G2, and Publicis Kaplan Thaler.

Clients have included American Express, E*TRADE, BlackRock, Citibank, Bloomberg Wealth, J.P. Morgan Chase, Dawn, Cascade, Qualcomm, SAP, HP, Dell, Pfizer, Novartis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Providence Health & Services and United Healthcare.

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