Becky Lane

Filmmaker/Virtual Reality Creator at NiceGirlFilms/VisionLab 360

Ithaca, NY


Becky Lane is an awardee in Google's Jump Start Creator Program, which provides high-end virtual reality cameras and tools to filmmakers and artists. As a sociologist and filmmaker, Lane's distinctive projects entertain and delight while exploring provocative cultural complexities. She has been tapped as an emerging artist at festivals in Durham, NC, and Rochester, NY and been a multiple recipient of The Center for the Independent Documentary/Cineslam grant for her ongoing work in LGBT film. Becky Lane is passionate about combining her natural storytelling abilities, artistic eye, and cultural insights to bring forward critical issues in accessible and thought-provoking ways. She has a Ph.D. from The University of Iowa.

Tomonari Michigami, VR Artist at Viacom NEXT

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