Dennis Adamo

CEO of Celestial Tech

Advisor to VR World 

Dennis’ role is to lead the company strategy, structure, commercialization, focus on corporate and capital formation of Celestial Tech. Celestial is a Blockchain technology service company with a focus on VR. Dennis is also a senior advisor to VR World working on capital formation and

Prior to Celestial and VR WORLD NYC, Dennis was co-founder of SpaceoutVR, Inc. SpaceoutVR was a pioneer of the nascent mobile VR industry. Notable success was investing over $1.2M and creating an application with over 300k downloads.

SpaceoutVR is a social VR space Sim game that includes a mobile VR application for Android and iOS phones. The app uses AI to drive consumers into a community based persistent virtual world that includes mini-games, music virtualizers and teleportation and a 360 video.

As a VR and emerging technology Dennis is an renknowned industry expert with many accolades. Dennis is a 20 year Experienced Digital Marketing and Media Executive. Dennis has a global portfolio of experience with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to co-founding SpaceoutVR, Inc., he was the Director of Digital Marketing for LG Ad in Russia and prior to that, Yahoo! EMENA, Global Business Development for Russia/CIS, Access, JIPPI/LIAKA Mobile, SibirGas, ABRI, LLC, Newtek Business Services, Vision Consulting, Prodigy, and ICON CMT.

Dennis is a co-founder of Pseudo Programs, Inc, Wicked Wireless LLC, Edumasters LLC., Inc., and other internal start-ups in large companies, joint ventures, mergers, etc. Dennis has raised over $50 million in VC funding spanning over 10 Startup companies.

Courtland Premo, Chief Technologist at Axios NYC

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