Ellen H Fagan


Brooklyn, NY


@ehfaganstudio #ehfaganstudio @ehfaganstudio

Interdisciplinary abstract painter, Ellen Hackl Fagan uses synaesthesia, digital media and interactive performance as tools for developing a corresponding language between color and sound in her work.

Ellen Hackl Fagan is the inventor of The Reverse Color Organ, a project that enables viewers to interact aurally with color. In collaboration with web architect Joshie Fishbein, the Reverse Color Organ is a web-based app that transforms your smartphone into an interactive synaesthetic tool that people to explore the colors all around them in a new way.

Fagan exhibits her work extensively throughout New England and New York City. In 2014 she expanded her independent curatorial practice into a full time business and is now the owner of ODETTA Gallery in Bushwick.

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