Guilherme Twardowski

Art and design at Cryptokitties

Guile Gaspar is a designer and visual artist, originally from Brazil. Always fascinated by form and movement, he began taking art classes at the age of 6, which lead to a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Design. His works navigates the boundaries between visual, interactive, and motion design.

With work that spanned NGOs, startups, and world-class clients like Audemars Piguet, Audi, and British Airways, Guile conceptualized and created static and moving images for a wide variety of projects and mediums before landing on the CryptoKitties team. Now the head of art and design, Guile is the heart of the Kitties' complex modular design and charismatic personality spectrum. Guile animates viewers and products alike with delightful and emotional aesthetics, always seeking innovative and powerful ways to appeal to the senses.

Evan Keast, Marketing at Axiom Zen

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