Luke Schantz

Developer Advocate at IBM

New York, New York

@lukeschantz @lukeschantz

Luke Schantz is a multi-disciplinary creative and technical professional who helps upstarts, enterprise and partner companies solve problems and build scalable solutions. He is passionate about what he does and works hard to provide value through every interaction.

Notably, Luke spent 5 years working with the Blue Man Group. His creative work with them has been seen by millions of people worldwide. He was a featured influencer for Makerbot and 3D Systems Corporation as well as the founder of a fail-forward startup. Currently Luke is a Developer Advocate for the IBM.

In addition to his professional works, Luke is passionate about and active in a variety of Social Impact, Educational, Maker and Creative Engineering endeavors. He has taught courses in multi-media programing and 3D design.

DJ J-Scrilla and Inner Loop, Podcaster & Musical Artist at Inner Loop

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