Lynn Rogoff, Founder and CEO at Amerikids USA

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Lynn Rogoff is in the forefront of groundbreaking multimedia content. She works as a game producer, director, writer & professor. Prof. Rogoff, founder of, AMERIKIDS USA launched the VR-3D Endanger! Game series for VR, Mobile, and PC. 

Amerikids high-end 2D & 3D designs, illuminate & entertain focusing on worldwide, multi-platform scalable solutions. NY Institute of Technology gave Rogoff and Amerikids USA a grant to incubate, research & develop Endanger Game Series, winning the People's Choice Award at the NY State Business Competition. Amerikids USA has been awarded a prestigious package of hardware, software and support from OSVR. Endanger products immerses social gamers globally in finding endangered species, saving the environment & capturing the poachers in savannahs & jungles.

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