Marne Lucas

Visual Artist at Marne Lucas Studio

New York, NY,,

@marnelucas @marnelucas

My investigations on nature and culture use photography and video to present unique aesthetic or social philosophies relating to the intersection of the body and technology. I work in conceptual overlaps: life's energy, light, the environment, identity, mortality and mankind's relationship to these elements. My black & white infrared (IR) videos "Haute Flash" and collaborations with Jacob Pander, use heat-sensitive imaging technology to reference ever-present surveillance culture and the beauty and fragility of human existence. Using military-grade infrared imaging gear (surveillance cameras, rifle scopes) is both a means of digital image capture and the surreal aesthetic itself. Thermal imaging inspiring contemplation by framing the luminous energy of the human body.



J Ivcevich, Artist at Garvey|Simon Gallery – New York

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