Michael Endlicher, Artist


Michael Endlicher lives and works as visual artist and writer in Vienna. He holds a degree in business economics. In his multimedia-based work he explores the affinities between images and language, between the making of art and reviewing it. Endlicher`s works are part of private respectively institutional collections. He is part of several artists’ collectives. Currently he is exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Abbey of Admont, Styria/Austria, most recently one of his videos was presented at the exhibition Aging Pride at the Belvedere in Vienna.

Michael Endlicher develops his individual perspectives within the complex relations between word and image, body, person and language, which he captures in a playfully reduced aesthetic. He is interested in the way contemporary art is assigned meaning from outside: what is being interpreted and brought about by formulating, why and by whom? What is attributed to the artist and what is demanded from him? Endlicher works with a form of poetic textual criticism; his multifaceted work oscillates between quick jokes and profound analysis.

For CTW 2018 Michael shows a collaborative art work developed with his sister Ursula, the ENDLICHER AUTOMAT 1.0. This is the first artistic collaboration of the siblings and the beginning of an ongoing series.

Ursula Endlicher, Artist

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