Oleha Riden

Principal at MistyWest

Vancouver, BC



Oleha is a Principal at MistyWest, which is an R&E (Research and Engineering) Lab located in Vancouver, BC Canada. They focus on developing technology and solving hard problems to build innovative products for a positive future.

She works with an amazing group of engineers, scientists and design thinkers with a clearly defined mission: to create Inclusive Abundance. What that means is, they want to solve the world’s most challenging problems and invent breakthroughs… in the pursuit of abundantly positive impact. Notable groups, MistyWest works with are WWF, IDEO, Microsoft Research, Intel Labs, University of British Columbia, BC Hydro, MIT, Neurio, TZOA and ISF at the University of Sydney to name a few

Farruk Zia, PhD, Associate Professor and 3D CAD Modeler

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