Paloma Dawkins

Cartoonist, New Media Artist at National Film Board of Canada


@palomadawkins @missserious999

Montreal-based Paloma Dawkins is a cartoonist and self-taught animator turned virtual reality and video game artist. Known for her fantastical landscapes inhabited by strange and lovable characters, Paloma strives to create games that are surreal and beautiful. Her past work includes the technicolour rainbow graphic novel Summerland, the minimalist and meditative rhythm game ALEA, and the psychedelic explore game Gardenarium. She first came to work with the National Film Board of Canada through its Hothouse animation mentorship program, which resulted in Scientifiq Piqniq, an animated adventure through the cosmic unveiling of the beautiful and strange macro/micro structures that unite us with the Universe.

Becky Lane, Filmmaker/Virtual Reality Creator at NiceGirlFilms/VisionLab 360

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