Richard Rodkin

President / Founder at Memetic Arts, Inc.

New York, NY

@rrodkin @rrodkin

Richard Rodkin is the founder of Memetic Arts, Inc., a New York City-based digital media publishing company focused on the production and promotion of art-tech-centric applications for the web and mobile devices. Richard is also the creator of U-GRUVE AR, an Audio Augmented Reality system that launched during Creative Tech Week 2016. A lifelong musician, composer, and artist, Richard first began work on U-GRUVE in the early '90s, while working in the then-emerging Virtual Reality industry.

In addition to founding Memetic Arts, Richard has garnered more than 20 years' experience as a Lead User Experience/Interaction Designer and Front-end Developer while serving as VP on UX teams for Fortune 100 companies in New York City.

Scott Colley, Musician

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