Richard The
Founder & Creative Director at Studio TheGreenEyl

New York, Berlin

@thegreeneyl @thegreeneyl

TheGreenEyl is a design and research practice based in Berlin and New York. They create exhibitions, installations, objects, images, interactions and algorithms. Always driven by a profound engagement with content, context and format, they explore such topics as language, technology, vision or the city. Within each project they seek to employ the most suitable means, which sometimes requires creating new techniques and tools. They enjoy collaborating with writers, sound artists, philosophers, textile designers, software and electrical engineers, illustrators and various other disciplines.

Studio TheGreenEyl was founded in 2009 and has since worked internationally with partners from culture, industry and research, such as the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Ethnological Museum Berlin, Pinakothe.

Olivia Cueva, Creative Technologist

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