Stephanie Riggs
Creative Technologist at Sunchaser Entertainment

A former Disney Imagineer with a background in both theatrical narrative and computer science, Stephanie Riggs began creating interactive virtual worlds two decades ago. Internationally recognized as a virtual reality pioneer, she produced the First feature film on Oculus Rift, was invited to film President Barack Obama in 360, and set a World Record for simultaneous VR experience attendees. Her work has been seen at SIGGRAPH, Tribeca, Future of Storytelling, and the World Immersion Forum. Immersive collaborations include GoogleVR, Facebook/Oculus, JauntVR, and InceptionVR. Stephanie is a guest lecturer on AR/VR at Yale University, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama and School of Computer Science.

Richard The, Founder & Creative Director at Studio TheGreenEyl

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