Creative Tech Week was started in 2015 to address the fact that creative technologists in New York City did not yet have a major local festival for their community. Despite having the highest number of the most talented experts and a vibrant scene of small local events, New York City didn’t have a major industry event right here at home to showcase the professional community of artists and programmers working on creative projects with emerging technologies. Together a team of passionate volunteers decided to change that. And so it began.

Creative Tech Week 2017

Stronger Together

The wide range of Creative Tech Week 2017 events were oriented around discovery and networking of the top talent in the creative technology field. We attracted attendees from consumers and enthusiasts to executives, computer programmers and other professionals to over 125 satellite events.

2017 Annual Report is coming soon

Creative Tech Week 2016

Inaugural Festival

Creative Tech Week 2016 fulfilled a mission to integrate, for the first time ever in NYC, a massive range of different disciplines and industries working with creative technology, from education, to business, to the visual & performing arts. At our Industry Hub, Arts Hub and Community Hub we featured experts from all sides of the creative technology field.