Who is part of Creative Tech Week?

If you work in Creative Tech, come to NYC during May 12-21 2017. Want to be a part of Creative Tech Week?  Check out our Glossary, read our Application Guidelines, and APPLY HERE.

Jasmin Jodry: Modular



Creative Tech in the Arts

Anything that intersects art with technology is suitable. In this context we define technology as software, electronics and data. Art is both visual and performing arts, and the for-profit and non-profit industry surrounding art including museums, curation, auction houses, collectors, critics, arts organizations and venues, communities, art consultants, foundations and galleries. You are free to host your own satellite event; you must apply for us to list it on our calendar and promote it.


Fake love
Exhibit:Growth for Umpqua Bank

Commercial Creative Tech
We highlight work from agencies and companies in the city, focusing on the intersection of software, electronics and data with advertising, design, pop culture, creativity, visuals, brand presentation, entertainment, and play. You are free to host your own satellite event; you must apply for us to list it on our calendar and promote it.  It could be experiential installations employing Data Visualization, Arduino, LEDs, Raspberry Pi, VR, AR, Gaming, 3D printing, Adafruit, Processing, openFrameworks, Cinder, Max MSP/Jitter, projection mapping, Mass Market Gaming, and/or whatever you are working on!

urban arts partnership
The Urban Arts Partnership Fresh Prep Program

Creative Tech in the Community
In addition to attracting professionals, we also want to create a gathering place for consumers of Creative Technology, educators in the field, and a thoughtful exploration of the issues impacting the field and those who work in it. We welcome the app developers and start-up companies that use technology in a playful and creative way; the one-person design shops that are creating something new for consumers that wasn’t before possible because of new technology; the kind of electronic piece you might see on a site like Etsy or Kickstarter. We’ll also feature pundits and gurus who talk about the policy and philosophy of issues impacting Creative Tech, the communities that bring together practitioners of creative tech, and the educators, educational organizations, and cultural interpreters who are making sense of the creative tech map writ large.

As you can see, we’re depending on you to submit your proposals for talks, panels, booths and performances in order to make this work.