Keynote: Kendra Byrne, X

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway 1871 Broadway NY NY 10023 May 20, 2017 10:10 am - 10:30 am

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Kendra Byrne

As a respected voice on creative applications of robotics, Kendra has been invited to speak internationally on her experiences with robotics in film, entertainment, and digital fabrication.

A hybrid designer and technologist at heart with proven chops incubating innovative products and concept applications. Kendra leads software and design teams to build tools that empower people to do things they thought they never thought possible and to create experiences that incite the imagination.

Kendra is Product Manager at X, where she heads up a stealth robotics project through vision, strategy, partner engagements, and team leadership.

X ( Formerly Google X – A Subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.) is a Moonshot Factory. We look for the intersection of a big problem, a radical solution, and breakthrough technology. We start with a large problem in the world that if solved could improve the lives of millions or even billions of people. Then we propose a radical solution that sounds impossible today, almost like science fiction. Lastly, we look for a technology breakthrough that exists today; this gives us the necessary hope that the solution we’re looking for is possible, even if its final form is five to ten years away and obscured over the horizon.