Late Afternoon Lightning Talks

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway 1871 Broadway NY NY 10023 May 20, 2017 3:55 pm - 4:15 pm

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Greg Garvey
Gretchen Menter
Brian August
Molly Runge
Anne Goodfriend
Jordan Frand

  • Greg Garvey will cover several decades of his work in tech art
  • Brian August will speak about 110 stories
  • Anne Goodfriend and Jordan Frand will speak about Village Live
  • Molly Runge and Gretchen Menter from Y&R will speak about the Whole Story project – putting Women in their Place with AR

The Whole Story  – putting Women in their Place with AR

How can we use Creativity and Technology to confront people and make them empathize with (and take action on) the realities of gender inequality?

Y&R New York’s The Whole Story Project is a project that allows for the placement of virtual statues of notable women in history.  The aim is to create parity in public representation and share the accomplishments of women.

The project’s mobile app and online platform, designed along with Current Studios, makes it possible for people to see, share and add new virtual statues alongside existing public statues. Using augmented reality and GPS location technology, users locate and view statues using markers on a map and can also find details of their contributions.

The Whole Story Project will work with creators and developers worldwide to build and place statues of women in their own cities. The Whole Story Project is also championing efforts to create physical statues of real women in communities around the world such as the Monumental Women campaign of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund in New York City.