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Creative Tech Week – Much More Than A Week

Future ColossalUnlike conventions, festivals or conferences that are produced by a single entity, Creative Tech Week is a composite mega-festival featuring hundreds of curated events by different participating partners. This crowdsourced method allows us to be comprehensive, meet the tastes of a diverse list of attendees, and reach far more attendees through shared promotions.

An enormous benefit of working with many entities is that Creative Tech Week’s social media platform, newsletter and website run all year long, featuring and announcing events hosted by our many partners. Creative Tech Week isn’t just a week. It’s a full year of outreach and relationship-building with your target audiences.

A Healthy Ecosystem Depends on You

Image by Phil StearnsYour sponsorship of Creative Tech Week begins the day you make your commitment to us; we hope it never ends. Come connect with our diverse audience of cutting-edge thought-­leaders and decision-­makers across industry, art, and community.

Our aim is to support participation of experimental artists, researchers, DIY craft hackers and start-up agencies with funding from larger, more established companies that depend on this indie ecosystem for talent, inspiration, learning and growth.

If you are with a large company that thrives in part thanks to the DIY, artistic, and experimental culture of this field, we believe you have a responsibility to sponsor this very important happening. As a community, we need this gathering. The benefit to you is far-reaching. Your commitment is essential.

Align Your Brand with Creative Tech Week

A photo by Billie Ward. (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please provide attribution and a link back to this web page in a manner that associates the image with the image credit.)Be connected: Connect your brand with Creative Technology innovators and influencers gathering in New York for 9 days this Spring.

Be visionary: Let us help you reach creative agencies, media companies, brands, tech startups, programmers, designers, DIY consumers, tech artists, buyers, executives, and institutions.

Be seen: The top generators of Creative Technology will showcase their work to an audience of 20K+ in New York City. We have over 200 committed partners, and expect to have 400 entities and artists telling their members about Creative Tech Week.

Be Pioneering: Imagine if someone organized an event that brought all your most influential target customers together in the same place at the same time. What would it look like? If it would look like Creative Tech Week, then you are our ideal Transformational Sponsor.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get in on the ground floor:
Custom Packages, Meet Trendsetters, Year-Round Exposure, VIP Access, Social Media

Together we’ll shape innovative ways to make your brand presence known to attendees, participating entities, VIPs and the media.

Whether you are looking to cement your position as a market leader in your own industry, build buzz about your products and services, generate leads, attract qualified employees or just to be associated with the cool kids and get in on the ground floor of the most important new festival to come to New York in a decade, we can design a sponsorship package for you designed to meet your marketing and recruiting goals with maximum impact.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact us at